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Privacy Statement

PROMENSYS offers a written privacy policy to inform customers about the type of information we collect, why we collect it, how it is processed, and with whom it may be shared.

We respect the value of all personal information that you share with us. We appreciate the fact that you are showing us your trust and confidence, and we promise to live up to your expectations at all times. We will use you personal information only to improve your visits on the site to check the latest available, and we will not share your information with any outside parties.

Why we need customer information

The information we request from customers allows us to provide a uniquely personal and customized development experience. We may request information that we store for a customer's subsequent visits to PROMENSYS. This information enables us to do the following: verify customer identity so that we can authorize payments; ship order to the correct address; contact customers regarding the status of their order; allow customers to check the status of their order shipments, payments etc.; send customers information that is pertinent to their online order needs.

We are committed to providing customers with the best online services so that they always have a safe and comfortable order experience.

How we collect and use customer information

Currently, PROMENSYS gathers customer information -- such as names, billing address, and e-mail address -- to speed subsequent customer visits. Information is gathered during the ordering process. Some data may be used for PROMENSYS marketing or promotional purposes; however, such use of information is done only with customer consent. PROMENSYS does not share user information with any affiliates or partners. The information each customer provides to PROMENSYS is securely stored internally, and is not shared with any outside or third parties.

The following items discuss in detail how we collect user information at different locations on the site and the purposes for which the information is used:

a.    Personal Information Form: Our Personal information form allows a customer to create an account at PROMENSYS. We ask for contact information such as name, e-mail address, and zip code. We also ask for your loan information such as desired loan type and property value etc. We use this contact information to communicate updates about order (i.e. order confirmation e-mail that includes a tracking number so the status of an order can be checked on the web site). We use billing information to bill the correct for order that have been ordered.

b.   Newsletter: Our newsletters and updates about special promotions are sent only when a customer chooses to sign up for these services. The site will ask for a name and e-mail address in order to send the newsletter to the right person and place. Zip codes are requested only for purposes of demographic analysis. Subscription to the newsletter is entirely optional and users can opt-out of receiving the newsletter if they no longer wish to receive it. In order to end a newsletter subscription, users must notify our customer service department via e-mail at

c.   Tell-a-friend: The "Tell-a-friend" feature uses the friend's e-mail address to send him or her a one-time-only e-mail about the site. No further communications will be sent.

d.   My Favorites: The "My Favorites" area of the site allows customers to store favorite items they may wish to purchase at a later date. The information is stored entirely for the user's benefit: the site does not use this information for any other purpose.

e.   Updating/Correcting user information: Customers may update or correct their information via the "My Account" section on the site. Customers may also request changes and updates by sending us an e-mail at

f.    E-mail links: We use e-mail links located on the "Contact Us" page to allow customers to contact us directly with any questions or comments they may have. We read every message, and we try to reply promptly to every one. This information is used solely to respond to customer questions or comments. We may file comments to use as we improve our site, products, and services, or we may review and discard the information.

Customer e-mail addresses

All customers are required to provide a valid e-mail address. This address will be directly translated into a unique PROMENSYS ID (Customer ID) with which customers may log-on quickly and track their account status. This process also allows us to respond more rapidly to service requests, questions, or complaints.


PROMENSYS uses cookies to enhance the ordering experience on our site. Cookies are small amounts of data delivered to the hard drive via a web browser. The use of cookies enables PROMENSYS to process requests with greater speed, thereby providing a fast and easy customized development experience for our customers.

Should customers choose to set their browsers to reject cookies, some of the features may be inaccessible.

IP address usage

When customers enter PROMENSYS site, we automatically track their last visited URL, their next visited URL, the type of browser they are using, and their IP address. This data is collected in order to build site demographics, track user movement and use, expedite trend analysis, and administer the site.

Third party intermediaries

PROMENSYS promises not to share personal information with any third parties other than intermediaries involved in the process of completing an online transaction. Such intermediaries act as links in the order fulfillment chain and do not store, use, or retain any of the information we give them. Examples include credit card companies, authorization services, and banks.

TSecurity policy

In our effort to ensure safe and secure online ordering experiences, we wish to share information about our exhaustive user information protection and transaction security policies.

SSL Encryption:

At any instance when a customer enters personal data while applying for order out of our site, we process the information via secure software technology to guarantee the safest shopping environment. When the customer is ready to check out from our site after making a purchase, a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection is invoked to transfer all sensitive data in a safe and secure way. The SSL encrypts the information, including name, address, and credit card number, so that unauthorized individuals cannot observe, decode, or misuse it as it is transmitted over the Internet.

Changes to privacy policy and how we inform you of them

Our privacy policy may be altered as we continue to develop our site and enhance our services. If there are any changes to our privacy practices and policies, they will be clearly noted on this page. We shall also inform customers via e-mail of changes in our privacy policy. We encourage customers to review this policy periodically, so that they will be aware of improvements that further protect their privacy and security.

Customer commitment to this policy

By patronizing our site, customers agree to the specific, aforementioned uses of personal information. Should a customer so desire, the customer may refuse future communications from PROMENSYS. In order to block communications from us, simply let us know via e-mail at -- we will honor all requests.

PROMENSYS commitment to its practices and policies

We are committed to adhering to and maintaining the highest standards of ethical practice on this site. Our policies are tailored to meet the specific needs and concerns of online consumers, and their security and privacy is our utmost priority. Should you have any other questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at .

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