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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What solutions (services) does PROMENSYS provide?
02. I am a buyer. How can I purchase Online?
03. what is QUICK Buy feature?
04. Is there any Live Support?
05. How much does it cost to buy a service?
06. How does PROMENSYS works?
07. How do I pay for the purchase made by me on PROMENSYS?
08. Before I make the purchase what must I know?
09. Is credit card required? What is alternative solution available?
10. what is PROMENSYS after sale service policy?

01. The site provides range of services. The prominent features are:

  1. E-Commerce Web Development
  2. Dating site Web Development
  3. Real Estate Web Development
  4. Financial Website Web Programming
  5. Online Trading Web Programing
  6. Database Driven Websites Development
  7. Hospitality Management Web Development
  8. Application Development
    i. Web Application
    ii. Desktop Application
  9. Search Engine Optimization
  10. Maintenance
02. You are just few clicks away from placing an online order for your customized product. The site provides easy navigation with different graphics and text related to the subject matter selected by the user. You are enabled with complete information at every level of placing the order. Further, the site provides you with a feature to consult customer support for any query that you may have. The support is available 24/7 days a week.
03. QUICK buy is a feature where the users, who are normal visitor to the site, can buy the product with few clicks on the site. This feature enables the users (who already familiar with the functionality of the site) to make quick purchase on the site.

04.The Live Support Service at site promises prompt solutions to the queries put forward by the customers. This is deployed to provide service to two basic environments i.e.
-New Visitor: Live support feature at the site help new visitor on the site to get known to the functionality and offerings of the sites.
-Project Running Onboard: Live Support through support channels on phone, fax, email, and all leading instant messengers, facilitates the users to administer the progress of the project, effectively and efficiently. This facility delivers extreme benefits when it is deployed during the process of development. The project manager will also provide you daily updates on the status of your project.
05. The site offers varied range of products with varied range of expenses (which varies as you pool more functionality in addition to the standard package offered by the site) as per selection of the product by the client. The client has a choice to select the product he consider best suit his requirement.
06. PROMENSYS is a full online platform for buying a costumed solution as per the requirement of the buyer. Buyers seeking services for the development of the project visit the site, conduct detailed analysis in relation to other products available. While conducting the analysis the user may use the Live Support feature to clarify any queries that he may have. Buyers choose the product and complete necessary formalities. In the process the user is required to fill the form. The fields marked with "*" are mandatory. Once the purchase is complete, the PROMENSYS invoices the buyer through PROMENSYS Billing system (this is in accordance to agreed terms between the PROMENSYS and the buyer).
07. The user can make payment for the purchase on the site using following options:
-Credit card
08. To purchase a product on PROMENSYS, you must evaluate what is your requirement for the development. And if you have some doubt concerning the complete scope of the product development you may consult Live support for assistance.
09. The prime choice of PROMENSYS is to receive payment is through credit card. Thus, it is recommended to make payment through credit card. Other options, through which the user can opt for
The only concern of PROMENSYS is to ensure that the transaction will be executed genuinely and none of the parties involved, suffers any setback.
10.PROMENSYS provides warranty period for 30 Days as part of after sale service policy. Further, if client require more features to the agreed scope of work or after the completion of the project. The client will be billed to the client at $50 per hour. This includes any tech support or maintenance if required following the completion of the project.
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